The Essentials

Sun Catcher Manicure  $35 / $40  25 minutes
Moon Dance Pedicure  $50 / $55  45 minutes
Your nails are expertly shaped, your cuticles tended to and your hands or feet exfoliated and lovingly massaged, then polished to perfection.

Fifth Element Signature

Manicure  $75 / $80  40 minutes
Pedicure  $90 / $95  60 minutes
A treatment created by you. Allow our technicians to blend a scrub or lotion in a scent of your choice. Choose your scents at our Mixology bar and leave the rest of the work to us. Warm towels and an indulgent massage make this one unforgettable experience.

Auras Acrylic & Gel Polish

Full Set • $60 / $65  80 minutes
Fill  $30 / $35  45 minutes
Gel Polish $45 / $50  45 minutes
Let the experts transform your natural nails into a beautiful acrylic work of art using pink and white acrylic powder. Nails are shaped as you desire and buffed to shine.

Fire & Ice

$60 / $65  60 minutes
Melt away the worries of your day as you immerse your feet into our relaxing hot foot bath while the alternating therapies of hot and cold revitalize your circulation. Your feet are expertly handled with a professional pedicure that removes the old
skin and stimulates the new. Your feet are then brought back to life with cold toe stones and a cool, mentholated massage. We will seal this Fire & Ice pedicure with your choice of auras.